nomadic wellness


Cocoon - Nomadic Wellness is a small Nomadic wellness village made up of a Finnish sauna on wheels and a glamping tent. The sauna accommodates up to eight people while the tent is the place dedicated to Thai and decontracting massages, workshops, but also a place to host other holistic disciplines.

Cocoon - is a protected space of listening, respect and harmony, a place of regeneration, rebirth and self-care.

Thanks to the trailer towed by Paolo's Van, the detoxifying power of the Finnish sauna and the decontracting power of Thai massages will be able to reach festivals, private events, spaces in the nature… up to the garden of your home.

Cocoon - nomadic wellness was born from an idea of Paolo Locci, founder of the Brigata Totem company and contemporary circus acrobat for twenty years. 5 years ago Paolo became a therapist, he practices Thai and full body massages and has always been attracted by Finnish saunas. His nomadic spirit and his activity as an acrobat were perfectly combined with these holistic practices: from this union Cocoon was born.

The idea to create Cocoon starts from the deep knowledge of the "over-used body" of athletes and circus performers. After some accidents along his artistic path, Paolo decided to take care of his health and that of friends, colleagues, colleagues... and all those who need it.

Cocoon - nomadic wellness è un sogno che sta diventando realtà. Partecipa anche tu alla raccolta fondi a sostegno della sua realizzazione.


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