Brigata Totem

The meeting point between Harmony and Amazement


Brigata Totem

La “Brigata Totem” is a Company that was born in 2015 from an idea of Paolo Locci, the Company promotes Contemporary Circus Shows, Workshops, Performance for Private Events and Show Direction.
The TOTEM is a symbol of union, a meeting place to discuss and take important decisions, in the case of the Company was chosen as an "Itinerant Stage", a meeting point to express themselves to amaze and stuns, a circle to share the acrobatic knowledge learned around the world and the inner Madness nourished by the fantasy.
The attention to details, the attention to the recycling objects, as well as the self-construction are the backbone of the company, while the continuous evolution and change is the spirit for the artistic research.



Paolo Locci has been practicing different sports since the age of 2, all at national level, but soon he decided to combine the sport with the artistic performance. So he trained as a Contemporary Circus Artist, graduating at the Flic in Torino and graduating at the E.S.A.C. in Bruxelles, High school of Circus Arts, working with directors such as Rolf Alme (Norway) and Marcus Von Wachtel (Spain) Since 2001 he has created shows and performances, collaborating with several companies and supporting international directors.
"Surprise myself to Surprise others"
“Changer les yeux!”
As my theater teacher Sylvain Honorez endlessly repeated to me at E.S.A.C.
The springboard was the squares of Turin, but he passes soon on the stages of the Contemporary Circus, Opera Theaters and French National Stages. He collaborates with the Contemporary Dance Company of Paris CFB451 directed by the Ben-aim Brothers since 2012, he joins Nicos Lagusakos India for Aditya Birla Awards, participates in the Asian tour with the Puppet Company, Succursale 101 of Reims (France), he was also an integral part of the cast of Wardrobe Diaries of the Citrus Arts (Galles). In 2015 he created the company of Contemporary Circus, "Brigatatotem" Circo Poetico Istintivo, whose Show "HOBO" wins the 1st JURY AWARD at the Milano Clown Festival. His love for music also led him to collaborate with the Canary Islands Opera conducted by Maestro Riccardo Muti but also with the Jesi Opera, conducted by Giacomo Costantini, (Circo El Grito) and Giorgio Rossi (Sosta Palmizi).


Mirto was conceived under the tent of the Magda Clan Circus in France,and was born in a caravan during a tour. Always nomadic, son of art, the mother Kika acrobat, performs in street shows, Busta, the french father, member of a traditional circus troupe. Mirto learns the circus arts from an early age, twirls, climbs and nowadays, with the right motivation performs the triple Twist. His legs tread on french theaters and becomes an integral part of touring companies, acclaimed in a loud voice, shows his skills in various festivals of European Street Artists. Small but intriguing, a concentrate of vibrant energy. In 2015, on a very special night, he becomes the fundamental inspiration for what will become the most important show of the "Brigatatotem", HOBO! Mirto, the second Half of the “BrigataTotem”, a really good friend.


Performance and shows for events and festivals


Mastercalss and workshops, one to one or group classes.