"when nature has something to do, creates a genius to do it"
Ralph Waldo Emerson
"nature always act in the simplest way”

In the same way, when I teach, I try to pass all my knowledge in the simplest way possible, but my main goal is to motivate my students to pull out the inner genius and fantasy that is inside each of them. Proposing images to unearth emotions is the best way to teach.

Chinese Pole

Cromwell said: “You never go as high as when you don't know where you are going” .
In this workshop we will go high, but being well aware of where we will be. We will study various topics of acrobatic technique , we will start with warm-up exercises, as the result of personal research, we will work on the pole by studying various figures, both static and dynamic such as slips and flags .
We will also focus on the universe of the soil. We will write movement phrases , and we will work in pairs, in order to create a final result that you can show.
We will discover that words like Funnels, Kings and Queens, Cliffs, but also many others, can be excellent images to find sensations or understand positions. In all cases, everyone will find their own way of working on their tool that can give great satisfaction.

Intensive : 2 days, 4 hours a day € 600.00
Weekly : 5 days, 2/3 hours a day € 800.00

Primal Instinct

Primal Instinct is a research laboratory on movement in scenic space . The workshop is suitable for ALL performers who intend to discover and expand the multiple possibilities of their body, to create intensity of movement and stage presence. In this laboratory we will work on the movement of large animal families (felines, birds, insects, mammals, etc ...), and at the same time we will study the elements of Chinese medicine (air, water, wood, fire, metal). We will investigate body movement and the energy that we can release if well channeled, starting from the quadruped, we will discover a new way of relating to the ground, but also to the new space / time, made up of pauses, accelerations, heights and dimensions. From the fluidity of the water to the slow advancement of the wood, we will each bring the body qualities discovered on their circus equipment. They can also be the basis of a dance choreography and why not the skeleton of a theatrical character.

Intensive : 2 days, 4 hours a day € 600.00
Weekly : 5 days, 2/3 hours a day € 800.00

private lessons of Chinese pole and hand-to-hand

Daily: 2 hours, €40,00