Hobo - the playful ramingo

"HOBO" is a tribute to the street, the beauty of change and irrationality

A simple moment of real life, in which the thought of a man meets the instinct of his dog.

HOBO invites the public into its extraordinary world to live the risks of its perilous daily life and to be thrilled by the danger that one usually only experience in their most exciting dreams. HOBO is a stunning, poetic and acrobatic experience intertwined with comic improvisation which leaves everyone with a smile.

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OLALA (A) | Auf-Getischt St.Gallen (CH) | Ascona StreetFestival (CH) | Girotonno Streetfestival (I) | Cirk Fantastik (I) | Murenschalk in Bruck an der Mur (A) | Venetian Fair (DE) | Mirabilia (IT) | Theater aan Twater (BE) | KunstlerMole Laboe(DE) | Cirkulum (CZ) | Cotilleando Fest (ES)

Vibrella Sound


"Vibrella Sound" is a new project, born among the worst streets of the best festivals in Europe, from an idea of ​​ La Sbrindola .
Eccentric characters arrive pedaling with the specific intent of unleashing a delusional show. Where is it? Everywhere.
A Sound System designed ad hoc by expert sound engineers, installed on top of a rickshaw, which is the real engine of this cycle-performative project. A “itinerant” Dj set performance and with an exaggerated energy impact , with exclusively human propulsion. Bass Music, Balkan, D'n'b, Electrofunk, Deep House, ElectroSwing and who knows what else. The Dj set was joined by the “Vibrella Sound Show”: hybrid, multifunctional, multi-sensorial performance, which crosses the three worlds of Dj-ing, Street Music and Contemporary Circus. A new proposal for a micro-stage with pedals, in full respect for ecology , itinerant, which offers the possibility of hosting performances by amazing performers, or external DJs. A new concept also from the DJ-ing point of view, which unhinges some rules of the dance universe, throwing it out of expensive clubs and transporting it to the street, where people eat, walk, work, live and fall in love.