I have always been interested in the movement of the cody in all its variants and over the years I have approached the oriental disciplines, first with Judo, which taught me to have “Nomadic Roots”, to know how to adapt wherever you are, as well as respect for both my own and other people's bodies. Gradually I have undertaken, parallel to the circus, healing disciplines, studying the basics of Shiatsu, and then graduating also in decontracting massages and Thaï treatments in Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand.

I propose Treatments within holistic or sporting events or simply festivals wishing to have a wellness section in their program. However, I am available for treatments at home or at your association, in case you want to organize and propose to your members a week or an intensive weekend in which to get back to the sound of Thailand.

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Thaï treatment 60 minutes: € 40.00
Thaï treatment 90 minutes: € 60.00
Thaï and decontracting treatment: € 50.00
info and reservations: paolo@brigatatotem.com